Contemporary Sumi-e Brushes and Silicone Tools
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Online "One on One" Coaching - How To Use Silicone Tools Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Online "One on One" Coaching - How To Use Silicone Tools


In this "one on one" coaching session, you will learn how to work with your new silicone tool(s). It will probably take some time to learn what kind of mark-making capability your silicone tool has. It does take practice to really develop a full understanding of what a tool can do and how to get it to do what you want. Understanding the basic "how-to's" can speed the process up and lessen the learning curve.

In this 1/2 hour session I will cover the following:

  • What kind of media or surface material to use
  • How to properly load the printing or painting surface
  • Basic mark-making techniques
  • How to care for, clean, and store your silicone tool

Prior to each session, I will ask the artist to complete a quick questionnaire that will help me align the session to meet their artistic goals.


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Online coaching with silicon tools and carbon black wax

I recently purchased some of Elizabeth’s silicone tools and some of her carbon black wax and was immediately struck by her exquisite mark making in her art. I signed up for a one on one zoom tutorial with her and it was definitely worth the price of admission! we spent an hour going through the kinds of marks that could be made with the tools and how to get the best from the wax and pulling prints. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in getting the most out of their ‘play time’ in the studio.

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