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Elizabeth Schowachert Brush Maker

In 2015 I launched Elizabeth Schowachert Art, a platform that allows me to collaborate with other artists and offer for sale my modern Sumi-e brushes, silicone tools, and other art materials that I have been crafting and utilizing in my own practice for a long time. My experiences in Asia, mainly Taiwan, gave me an admiration for the culture, its environment, and its citizens. In that region, the tools and materials used by traditional Chinese painting and Sumie-style painting attracted my attention. I found the handmade paper and brushes particularly interesting. Many of these processes and materials have been modified for use in my art practice. 

My expertise in encaustic monotype has enabled me to engineer a wide range of specialist silicone tools. Compatible with both heated and non-heated surfaces, these tools are ideal when working with encaustic paint, acrylic, or oils on panel or canvas.

The range of artistic products I offer are carefully selected based on my own experience as an artist; products include unique, professional-grade contemporary Sumi-e paint brushes, as well as other tools tailored for encaustic, encaustic monotype, cold wax, gel printing, and mixed media.

My online Art Gallery also offers my original artwork, encaustic paintings, encaustic monotype, and mixed media scrolls.  

Special recognition must be given to Kim Filiaggi, who fabricates all of the ceramics , brush ferrules, and Sumi-e ink bowls.

Call: 817-291-0327

Return policy: You have 30 days to return any items for a refund or exchange. Items must be in new and unused condition. Shipping fees will not be refunded unless there was an error in your shipment. 

Please contact us before you return any items. Returned items that have not been approved may not be eligible for a refund or exchange.