Finding Peace Through The Creative Process

Finding Peace Through The Creative Process

How do you meditate? Are you able to find a quiet space and release yourself to a place that takes you away, clears your mind and in general creates true inner peace? For me, painting is how I meditate, I find that I can best center myself, and relax, when I work. I find peace and a certain tranquility that I cannot find elsewhere. I feel very lucky to have this outlet, this way to find my center. My work has been and continues to be centered around  organic images that are connected in some way to nature. I think that is why I am so drawn to the many of the items I have for sale in my store. I love natural things, and see so much beauty within them. They also take me to that quiet centered place, when I see something beautiful I want to be able to bring that back to you...thus I created "Enlighten Me". So that I could connect you to the Earthly Treasures I find when I am in Asia, and to share my work, my art, my creativity.

Buddhist Prayer / Meditation Mala 108 Beads 100% Natural Mahogany (see Catalog Page)


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