How To Clean A Feather Paintbrush

How To Clean A Feather Paintbrush

I have received many questions regarding the durability of my feather brushes. This is understandable because feathers would seem to be very delicate, and one might think that they would might break easily. In fact, they are very durable and can last a very long time, even when used regularly. I still have my first feather brush, which is now close to 10 years old. 

The key to ensuring your feather brush lasts a very long time is making sure to take good care of it. One aspect of that is the clean-up process. 

Key Points:

  • Never leave your brush sitting in water
  • Always clean your brush after every use and don't let media dry on the feathers.
  • When cleaning a feather brush, always move the feathers towards to tip, not in the opposite directions.
  • Be gentle, dont pull too hard or get too aggressive.
  • Use a mild soap in the cleaning process - I will be offering my specifically formulated paintbrush cleaning soap for sale in the near future.
  • Always dry and shape your brush after clean-up and HANG to DRY! 

Here is a quick video that demonstrates the clean-up process.

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Great tip! I’ve been wondering how to clean my parrot feather brush. I painted with ink and then washed it per the instructions and it came out clean and undamaged, looking good as new! Thanks!


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