Pet Memorial Brushes - Honoring Our Four Legged Friends

Pet Memorial Brushes - Honoring Our Four Legged Friends

Losing a beloved pet is painful and grieving afterward is entirely natural. Wanting to have a pet memorial (something that reminds you of your furry pal) is an instinctual part of the mourning process.

Over the years I have created many memorial paintbrush sets for clients.  It's a small part of my brush making practice, but the memorial brushes I'm asked to  create are always meaningful to me. I feel a great sense of responsibility with each project to create something beautiful that truly honors and respects the beloved pet.

Memorial paintbrushes

When working on a pet memorial project, I first determine the brush styles that are best suited for the hair type. Next, I plan out handle treatments, engravings, colors etc. My client and I will then determine the scope of the project, number and style of brushes, materials and treatments. 

pet memorial paintbrush

Pet memorial paintbrush

After receiving the hair for evaluation, the project scope is finalized, and the final quote and timeline is agreed upon.  

If you are interested in potentially commissioning a pet memorial paintbrush set or want to learn more, please email me at and we can schedule a call.


This is Sophie, our beautiful, sweet pup :)

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What a wonderful idea: memorial brushes. Thankfully, I am not in the market (yet). I am wondering if such a brush would imbue the artwork with something extraordinary. I think so.


I sooo wish I had know you did this special type of remembrance. Just lost our beloved four legged friend. It’s just awesome you do this. You must touch many hearts.

Mark Price

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