Working With A Ruling Pen

Working With A Ruling Pen

In previous posts, I mentioned how using different mark making tools is a way for me to keep things fresh and unpredictable. Most recently I have been experimenting with ruling pens, they are more of a drawing tool, versus a brush. I like the way you can apply the ink onto the paper, making very specific lines and shapes. A lot of people also use ruling pens for lettering when working with liquid ink. I made a short video to demonstrate one way that you can use a ruling pen. 

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In the example below I first made lines and shapes using the ruling pen and India ink, allowed it to dry and then added color using alcohol ink. I use a heavy duty cardstock to make the head of the ruling pen. I treat it with Golden Gel Matte Medium in order to add some additional protection to the cardstock. I also use natural found materials for the handles, I believe this makes the brushes more beautiful and special.

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I routinely sell out of ruling pens, but add more frequently, so if this one is sold out, just search on the main site for ruling pens and more should pop up.

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