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Cold Wax Fiber "Flat" Brush Art Supplies Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Cold Wax Fiber "Flat" Brush


This listing is for a made to order fiber flat brush. The brush will have a bamboo handle between 4" to 5" and the bristles will be about 2" to 2.25" in length. The bristle will be cut in straight with a slant at one end which allows the artist to brush across the surface of the painting using either edge to create lines and texture. This fiber brush can create aggressive texture and lines. It can easily move through the cold wax. 

Clean-Up Information:

  • Use a common art solvent (such as orderless paint thinner) to remove paint/cold wax, then wash with a mild soap such as Dove or Murphy's Oil Soap to remove any residual media. 
  • Use your fingers to rub the fibers together to loosen and remove the residual media from the brush head.

Click on the image below to see a review by Sally Hirst of my 5 most popular tools and brushes including this one.

*Please allow 3 working days to produce and ship brush


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Great brush

I ordered three brushes. To be honest they were so beautifully made and gorgeous I almost didn’t use them. However I did use them and I love them. I would def buy more and recommend them highly.

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