Contemporary Sumi-e Brushes and Silicone Tools
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Sumi-e Brushes (New)

My brushes are handcrafted with only the highest quality materials. I harvest, clean and cure all my bamboo here in TX. All of my brushes are unique and are made to make art. 

When making a brush I try to use found materials as much as possible, but I do occasionally buy fossils, feathers, rocks or stones, etc.. When I make a brush, I consider all factors, how it looks, how it feels in the hand and how it will lay down paint. I want my brushes to inspire, to be beautiful, but I also want them to work really well, this is always my goal.

I make all sizes of brushes, from small to very large. My ContemporarySumi-e brushes are made to make art, they can hold a ton of media if needed, and the larger brushes can make expressive and dynamic marks.

I love working on commissions, so if you have something specific in mind, contact me.

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