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Basic Hake Brushes Art Supplies Elizabeth Schowachert

Basic Hake Brushes

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These brushes have goat bristles, which are super soft, flexible. They are great brushes for the price.

  • #3.5   3"    Wide ($3.49)
  • #3     2.5"  Wide ($2.99)
  • #2.5  2"     Wide ($2.49)
  • #2    1.5"   Wide ($1.99)

They work well with encaustic medium, the medium can be applied very smoothly and evenly on the surface of the painting. They are also very well suited for a wide variety of media, including ink.

This brush's bristle should not shed a lot (all brushes will shed at times). To reduce shedding, I recommend washing the bristles to tease out any loose hairs prior to use.

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Basic Hake Brush Encaustic and ink



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