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Elizabeth Schowachert Art

African Fiber Fan Paint Brush with Vintage Quill Bobbin Spool Handle

African Fiber Fan Paint Brush with Vintage Quill Bobbin Spool Handle

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This listing is for a made-to-order fan-shaped stiff fiber bristle that can make a wide variety of marks, and are super flexible. The handles are made from vintage quill bobbins. The handles are smooth and surprisingly light (@2 oz).

Fan #1 has a metal band around the top of the handle and a leather hanging strap on the end. The ferrule also has metal rings, 3 in total. 

  • Handle: 7" in length
  • Bristle: 6.5" in length

Fan #2 has 3 metal bands on the ferrule.

  • Handle: 9" in length
  • Bristle: 6.5" - 7" in length

Fan Brush #3 has 3 metal bands around the ferrule and an aluminum wrap on the handle

  • Handle: 7" in length
  • Bristle: 6.5" to 7" in length

This is a unique brush while beautiful was made to make art :)

(Click on the image below to see brush demonstration)

African broom Fan brush

Antique Wood Bobbin Spool History

"The Industrial Revolution (1790's - 1860's) was an important time in America's history. The Revolution brought about many changes in the labor and textile industries. On average women worked a 72-hour week with few breaks. The mill itself was a dangerous place to work with shuttles flying off looms, and a constant humid, 100-degree climate. In response to the poor working conditions, the women of the mills organized America's first labor strikes and formed the first labor unions. 

Bobbins and the machinery they ran on were some of the greatest inventions of the Victorian Era. Developed as a way to manage heaps of thread, bobbins revolutionized textile manufacturing during the Industrial Revolution. Many textile mills had their own machine shops and their own favorite shape of bobbin which accounts for their varied designs. Traditional wooden bobbins have been retired from most current day manufacturing. Modern economics does not favor the use of wooden bobbins since a large degree of handwork is involved in making them and they are not well suited to synthetic fibers and high-speed machinery". (source Bemidji Woolen Mills)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
joan grier

The brush is well made and a pleasure to use, an interesting mark making tool.

Malvine Wolf

Just to let you know the review will be delayed due to having very little time to work in my art studio due to some family obligations I am excited about the brush and look forward to working with it. would appreciate any advice on cleaning & maintenance of the brush. I mostly work with acrylic paints & inks as well as semi ink. Hope to get back to you with a real review soon.

Jamilla El-Shafei
Beautiful art tool

This beautiful instrument makes interesting and unique marks.

Helen Marino

The quality and craftsmanship of the brush is outstanding! I played with the brush
when I received it to see what I could create with it. Amazing! Plus when I hung it on the wall it’s a piece of art in itself. Beautiful work Elizabeth I’ll definitely be purchasing again. Helen Marino

Wendy Sinclair
What a Brush

I LOVE this brush. I used it in some wet acrylic paint and it produced such wonderful lines and texture. I just used it again on the side to scratch some grass clumps into some wet acrylic. Awesome 😊🎨