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Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Silicone Blade Mark Making Tool For Encaustic Hot Box 1V (2" - 12")

Silicone Blade Mark Making Tool For Encaustic Hot Box 1V (2" - 12")

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The Blade mark making tool is designed for working with encaustic medium on a Roland HOTbox™ or another hot palette

  • Blade Design 1V 100% Silicone

* * My new Blade design will have a white blade and will NOT have a copper wrap

In addition to encaustic monotype, the Silicone Blade tool can be used with Alcohol Ink, on a Gel Printing Plate (see demo video below) and with Fluid Acrylic on Yupo. There are many many different applications.

Each Blade mark-making tool is unique and totally handmade by Elizabeth. Since these tools are handmade, each has its own unique mark, so it will always be specific to the artist that uses it. 

The handles are made using TX bamboo and the reductive blade is silicone and can withstand heat up to 375 F.

This tool is designed to pull paint from the plate, leaving “random” flowing lines, shapes, and or marks. It moves easily across the plate, allowing the artist to move the blade without bending or disruption.

Click on the link below to see a demo video

Gel Printing Plate Demo

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Customer Reviews

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Heather D.
Love the patterns these blades create!

I’m just getting started with these blades, but, so far, I really love the patterns they create and the ease of use. Thank you!