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Elizabeth Schowachert Art

ESA - C Silicone Drawing Tool - Short Handle

ESA - C Silicone Drawing Tool - Short Handle

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This silicone drawing tool is made to order. The handle will be TX bamboo. The drawing tooltip is silicone and is made to work on an Encaustic HOTbox, Gel Plate or as a way to create texture and marks with cold wax, acrylic and or oil, etc.. The silicone tip has a C curve shape, which can create a wide array of both organic and more controlled marks.

The print shown here was created using this tool.

The drawing tools can also be used to manipulate the surface of an encaustic painting using a heat gun as well.

Drawing head - Silicone (various colors) 2.5 inches length 3/4 inch C curve

The handle is @8 inches in length

Click on the image below to see how drawing tools work on a Hot Box:


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