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Sumi-e Brushes with Bamboo Handles and Goat or Horsehair Bristles - Elizabeth Schowachert Art

Sumi-e Brushes with Bamboo Handles and Goat or Horsehair Bristles

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These small goat or horsehair brushes are all made to order by Elizabeth. Each brush head is shaped/cut by hand. I take a lot of care to ensure my brushes work well, in addition to being beautiful :)

Available in either goat or horsehair - Goat is a very soft and absorbent hair, while the premium grey horsehair is much stiffer and has some coarseness to it. Both perform well and can make a variety of marks.

*Goat hair or 羊毛, youmou is flexible, durable, yet super soft and very absorbent.  Soft brushes are a bit more challenging to master, but if used skillfully deliver very interesting, and to an extent, unpredictable lines.

  • Handles are plain/uncarved
  • The bamboo handles have leather hanging straps, have been cured/conditioned with beeswax paste
  • Brush Handle Length: (6" - 7.5")
  • Goat:           $39 each
  • Horsehair:   $39 each
  • Add Carving to Handle: $15 each handle

You may choose from several different bristle head shapes:

  1. Round Blunt Small (.5") or Med. (1")
  2. Wide Round 1.25" or Med. Round .75"
  3. Rounded Slant 1.25" 

*Allow 3 working days to process order

To purchase use the drop down menu to select your favorite style brush.

                     (Click to See Brush Demo Video)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pure enjoyment
Intriguing brushes
Great Brushes
I love the brush, however

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