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Elizabeth Schowachert Art

"Tinted Whispers" Ink on Paper

"Tinted Whispers" Ink on Paper

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11X14" Ink Work - Tinted Whispers

*Artwork is not framed

"Tinted Whispers" is an 11X14" ink artwork on paper, characterized by its interplay of deep plum, muted pinks, and stark black. The artwork's design brings to life a tapestry of lines and shapes, accentuating the effortless flow of the brush across the canvas. Each stroke, shade, and nuance showcases my dedication to the art and the uniqueness of my handmade brushes. The piece emphasizes the relationship between the artist, tool, and medium, marrying color and form seamlessly.


  • Artwork Size: 8X12"
  • Comes with an archival, acid-free mat
  • Includes brown-core backing board
  • Clear clean sleeve
  • SKU: Woven Line

    SKU: Tinted Whispers

    "Artworks are not framed"

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    Customer Reviews

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    Kenneth Rathcke

    The impulsive, almost experimental nature of the art work is what lured me to the piece. On the business side, the art showed up exactly on time and in perfect condition.
    5 Stars*****
    Thanks again Elizabeth,