Collection: The Art of Tools

The workshop, hosted by Elizabeth Schowachert at Mulranny Arts, focuses on encaustic monotype artistry, emphasizing innovation in mark-making on a heated plate with encaustic mediums. Participants will explore various mark-making techniques, utilizing carbon and encaustic paint to create exquisite prints. Additionally, the ink will be applied to the backs of completed prints to create depth and add color, utilizing the wax's resistive properties. The program includes unique methods like adhering prints to panels and employing carbon strategically. Participants will have access to a range of specially developed silicone tools (brushes, blades, and drawing tools) to enhance creative expression. The workshop aims to challenge traditional art forms, encouraging the exploration of dynamic and fluid techniques to broaden artistic capabilities.

Included materials for participants:

  • Two cradled Panels
  • Encaustic medium and paint (Carbon and R&F Paints)
  • Scroll and Masa paper
  • Talas Jade #403 adhesive
  • Various tools for workshop use
  • Brusho and India ink
  • Heated Palettes for the encaustic process

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